Summer gets us fabric-conscious. It's imperative to wear fabric that keeps us cool. The best thing we can all be this summer is tanned, fanned, and relaxed. From walks on the beach to hikes up the mountain, you always want to be prepared and ready for anything this summer – and that means dressing accordingly! Having all of your summertime necessities will make for an unforgettable season, so I wanted to talk about the best fabrics to wear in the summer. It’s all about lightweight, breathable textures that make you feel comfortable and confident no matter where you’re headed. 

1. Linen

It’s one of those fabrics that looks ultra-chic and somehow allows heat to escape the body. Lucky for us, linen is also in this season, which means you can find an array of dresses, shorts, skirts, flirty tops, and even jumpsuits in this fabrication. Grab a trendy PVC bag or a natural, woven option and you’re as vacation-ready as can be. For cooler, elevated vibe, opt for a linen suit – or just throw a linen blazer over some distressed jeans.

2. Jersey

Jersey is perhaps the easiest fabric to get a hold of in the summer. Available in understated, sexy dresses and basic tees, jersey keeps you dry and cool. Jersey tops and denim throughout the summer – perfect for off-duty style or running through the airports.

3. Chiffon

The go to fabric when you want to dress up while not getting too overheated or stiff is definitely chiffon. It’s a great choice for the summer because it’s elegant and flattering even under the harshest weather conditions. Chiffon rompers and jumpsuits were made for summer date nights! Pair a romantic dress with a thin pair of open toed heels in the summer when headed to an event, out with friends, or just want to dress up for yourself!

4. Cotton and classic

Summer is all about rocking cute outfits while soaking up the sun. A super easy and adorable summer time classic fit is a cool and breezy cotton dress. Throw on a cotton dress with chunky sneakers and an edgy pair of sunglasses when you are heading out for a busy summer day. The fabric is comfortable, easy to move around in, and works well with other fabrics too. If you aren’t too big on dresses, cotton is still an awesome fabric choice for the summer. Cotton tees are staple pieces year after year, but mixed with the right skirt, you’ve nailed a fashion It's a girl look.

5. Chambray

One of the favourite summer fabric trends always ends up being chambray! Chambray is a thin fabric with a finer weave that’s not as restricting when it comes to shorts, rompers, and even jumpsuits. It’s breathable, layers well, and doesn’t feel too abrasive on the skin. Not only does it resemble denim in aesthetic, but it’s so forgiving under the hot sun, which explains why it's such a hit!

Summer time is upon us, so tuck away the leather, limit the denim, and keep the polyester in the gym! What fabrics do you wear in the summer?

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