Chain straps have been there since the 60's and every few years they are back in vogue.

In recent years, so many designer brands have incorporated chain straps on their bags. Problem is, some styles of chain straps look similar to each other (if not the same), and they ended up looking like they’re mass- produced by one manufacturer and dolled out to different brands.

From the more expensive Alexander McQueen Bejewelled Chain Bag, to the more affordable Michael Kors flap bag to an even more affordable Pursu clutches & slings they all have the chain straps. 

If I was going to pay reasonable money for a premium bag, I would not want to buy one that is top-of-the-shelf and has a strap similar to many other bags. Which is why I find this new Pursu bag very appealing. The matte chunky gold chain in a subtler yellow tone looks great on its own and works well with the stripes and studs on the multi colour leather & silk body.

Pursu clutch with chain strap

There is something about this Pursu bag that I really like because it looks different and more unique. I’m honestly tired of designer bags that look the same from every other brand. So, Pursu did well for Summer 2019 with this bag 🙂

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