It's not always easy to dress for hot months without sacrificing one's classic style. I like clean, structured pieces and timeless silhouettes, pieces that, say, could take me from the beach to brunch. This time of year, however, a lot of the tank tops, lightweight dresses, and skirts on offer tend to be designed with different trends in mind, a more free-flowing, beachy vibe. While many vacationers may be in heaven with all these options, I struggle to find breezy, summer-friendly clothes that still fit my classic aesthetic.

Purus Summer

Armed with the following eight items, you'll keep cool all summer while staying true to your style.

  1. Buttoned down shirt in linen & cotton are a must.
  2. White trousers are a signature in the summers
  3. Breezy Midi dress
  4. Simple body suit 
  5. Paperbag pants
  6. Denim Skirt
  7. Woven shoes
  8. Classic tees 


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