Handbag is part of a woman’s personality. It probably speaks the loudest about the person you are. Picking up the right handbag is a meticulous job. One needs to know what to pick and how to adorn it to make a style statement.

Handbags needs to be functional at the same time be a drool worthy accessory. In fact sometimes the most functional handbags are the ugliest ones to carry around. An average woman owns at least 20 handbags and keeps buying new ones every quarter. Because the good ones do not come cheap it is imperative that you think through before you keep adding them to your wardrobe.

Here are few tips for you to go and grab the perfect one:

Handbag Fit for your Body Type

You might want to choose a bag that flatters your body, much like you would choose any other fashion object. Here is a guide to choose handbags for different body types:

The size of handbag should be proportionate to the person's body type

  • Short and petite women appear taller with small handbags and shorter with large handbags 
  • Tall and slim women appear larger with small handbags and look best with midsize, large and oversized styles.

The shape of a handbag should be opposite of the person's body type

  • Short women look taller carrying a long rectangular handbag
  • Slim and tall women benefit from a round handbag

The length of a handbag – where the bottom hits the body – emphasizes that area

  • Short handbags make busts appear larger, so choose styles with longer straps to avert attention
  • Most women look good wearing handbags that hang to the mid-torso

They also suggest using handbags to balance out your figure. For example if you have a pear-shaped or triangle body type (waist and hips wider than your shoulders), a satchel handbag that falls between your waist and your hips could make your top area seem larger and balance out your figure. If you have a rectangle body type (shoulders, waist, and hips about the same width), a hobo or shoulder bag that falls at your waist could add slight curves.

When you try out a handbag at the store, be sure to check how it looks on you in a mirror so you choose one that compliments rather than clashes with your style.

Style and Purpose

It is important to have a specific objective while buying a handbag:

  • You want to match it to a particular outfit
  • This could be a well planned buy as this needs to sync with a particular outfit
  • Is it going to be a everyday handbag?
  • This could mean having a bag for a lifeline. Consider carefully the internal mechanics of the bag you buy. Well-placed pockets can make your life so much easier and save you a ton of time digging for your phone, keys, pen or lipstick. Equally though, too many pockets and dividers can make a bag impractical. It’s a tricky balance.
  • Is it going to be for work, party or casual?
    • If it is for work, you are probably going to need a larger bag. If you do choose a larger bag think about how heavy it is before you start loading it up. Bags can get awfully heavy very quickly.
  • If it is for party, A pochette or smaller bag, for occasions where you just need your phone, lippy and some card / cash.
  • If it is for casual day out, a mid sized structured bag which works well for every day to accommodate your every day belongings like wallet, keys, glasses and personal items


You can opt for leather, leatherette, coated canvas or perhaps fabric when investing in a bag. This is a personal choice that will depend on your budget, lifestyle and potentially your values.

  • Too many pockets could be nightmare. Even large pockets could be annoying especially when you have to keep digging for your essentials.
  • Bags should not be too heavy. Ideally, it should not weigh more than 2.2 pounds. Heavier handbags are the prime cause of shoulder & back aches. Focus on the weight of the bag before you make the final decision.
  • The straps need to be adjustable. Too long or too short is going to be an issue. Do avoid pencil thin straps as they cut through your shoulder.
  • The exterior and the interior of the bag should have a smooth finish. Slouchy bags wear out in no time.
  • The zippers need to glide smoothly for both the internal and external pockets.


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