To wear anything sheer, you usually have to be very bold in your fashion choices but lately, organza blouses have risen to be one the most elegant pieces of clothing you can own. The sheer material, especially on a lot of the sleeve details, is timeless and romantic. If you are not sure if you could pull of this trend, here are a couple of tips on how to style an organza blouse.


High Waisted Jeans and a Lace Bra

Wear high-waisted jeans and some of the best pairs are from Levi’s, in case you are looking. They are just more flattering, in my opinion. I think this combination of some casual jeans with an elegant organza blouse is perfect. Tuck it in and wear a feminine lace bra underneath for just the right amount of “sexy.” Wear a simple cami if you want a more modest look. Add some pumps and a cute bag and I promise you will look elegant.

With a Bikini Top

Bikinis don’t have to be just for the beach! You can get creative and wear a bikini top as a cute bra underneath your sheer blouse. It’s the perfect summer outfit.

Focus on the Sleeves

If you are still not comfortable with the whole sheer situation, look for a blouse that only has sheer sleeves. This is an easy and comfortable way to still look elegant and chic without showing too much. There are some incredible blouses with amazing sleeves that really stand out.

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