Traveling with too many pieces of luggage can be a gruesome experience. The excitement while you are packing becomes a nightmare when you are traveling. I don’t know about you, but I tend to either overpack pretty much every trip. Either the itinerary is super clear, and I know exactly what I’ll need or it’s really vague and I end up having everything in my suitcase. I’m sure I’m not alone in this challenge, so below, I’ve outlined 10 tips on how to be a tad more effective!

Tip #1: Make a detailed itinerary

If you have a casual lunch on a beach and then dinner at a really fancy restaurant on the same day, that might warrant two different outfits. Ideally if you know this ahead of time and plan it can be great. 

I agree to the fact that everything cannot be planned out and laid on the table to pack. But the idea is to carry outfits that essentially blends between the day & evening with very few pieces to change which can be detrimental to the amount of pieces packed. 

Tip #2: Lay it all out

Spread out the entire collection that you plan to carry on the bed and see it as a capsule wardrobe that will make you function over the week of your travel to get a better idea about things.

Maybe there’s a pair of shorts that goes with four of your tops and you don’t need to bring the other skirt as well. There’s also a very high chance that you won’t need more than two or three pairs of shoes for your trip. (I recommend a heel, a comfy pair and something really fun.)

Examples like this are your best opportunity to cut things out.

Tip #3: Make sure you have enough

This is a really quick tip but important. Now that you’ve cut down, make sure that you have enough socks, bras and underwear for the week! Count them well and pack. You do not want to go lingerie shopping in an unknown land. 

Tip #4: Create full outfits ahead of time — including the jewellery 

If you want to be super prepared and extra about it, go the extra mile and plan every outfit down to the accessories, then club it together in the suitcase. That way, when you’re at your destination, you can just pick up the set right out of the suitcase. It will be simple to get ready and you won’t even have to think about it!

Tip #5: Don’t forget the essentials

These are things that you don’t want to forget, but you are prone to! A couple of examples are your toothbrush, toothpaste, glasses, contact lens solution, hairbrush, moisturiser, sunscreen, etc.

Tip #6: Try taking some things that work for everything

By this I mean things like jumpsuits — they’re perfect for a fun, adventurous day out or a nice fancy dinner.

Another example is dressy sandals, they don’t break dress codes, but they’re relaxed enough for a trip down the boardwalk!

Tip #7: Check the weather

Weather apps are incredibly useful! Plus, it will be great to know in advance to pack a raincoat or umbrella if it’s going to be rainy.

Sometimes, even though it’s June, temperatures can drop quite low, so it will be handy to throw in a light jacket. Conversely, even in slightly cooler places, you might want a romper or short dress just in case it gets hot.

Tip #8: First aid will always come in handy

The key things I always put in a travel first aid kit are some sort of disinfectant, band aids, allergy medication, cough drops, cold medication, or any other medication which you otherwise will not get at your vacation destination. 

You never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in — from a paper cut to a gash from a slip and fall, it’s always better to be well prepared! This is especially important if you’re traveling to a foreign country or rural area where a pharmacy or the medication back home that you are used to might be hard to find.

Tip #9: No one likes to iron

When you do actually get to the packing stage, you might not want to fold everything the traditional way; no one likes ironing on vacation!

One of the things I find really useful with blouses, shirts and dresses, is to just fold in the sleeves and roll the rest up — it saves space and wrinkles!

Lining your suitcase with pants is also a really great option so they only get the one fold on the knee (which was bound to happen anyway).

Tip #10: Always have enough in your carry on

This applies especially if you’re checking a bag or leaving a big bag in a separate compartment or area on a train. Having a change of clothes, toothbrush and some essentials in a carry on can never hurt; people lose luggage all the time!

Also, if your flight has a stop over, it’s a really great way to be prepared without having to unnecessarily open your big bag for just a day or night layover.

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