Jun 22, 2018

How to pick a handbag

Handbag is part of a woman’s personality. It probably speaks the loudest about the person you are. Picking up the...
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Jun 05, 2018

10 things you should absolutely have in your bag

Women carry a lot of stuff in the handbag and we are ridiculed for it. However, as women, we know...
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May 29, 2018

Know Your Bag Type

Have you ever experienced an awkward moment when your friend is pointing at a Satchel bag and you think it’s a Tote? Yes, that moment when you feel totally foolish? We have all experienced that, haven’t we? As a fashionista you have to take the journey to understand the difference and the nomenclature.  There are a million bag types and it varies from country to country. In this post we will explain the bag types that are mostly used by women from everywhere.
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