People try to play safe and longterm when it comes to handbags. The primary reason could be the investment involved to create an enviable collection which people ideally want to believe that it should last them at least half a decade. In this process of being conservative, people miss out on trends. And in fashion trends are everything - you are either in or out! 
Summer 2018 had quite a mixed trend. On one side, the nudes were dominating and on the other side metallics, cobalts and rusts were ruling. The personality type of the individual defined what you wanted to carry. 
However, AW'18 will see a change. Retro will be the look to chase. Contrasting nudes, pop-up colours, snake prints and a lot more 
  • Neutral shades an all time favourite is here to stay. Neutral hues in contrast with some bright pastels are going to be in vogue. Pair it with an all black outfit to play safe. Alternatively, you can wear a pair of statement boots or a blazer and pair it along.

  • Red or dead! Red is back with a bang! You don't always have to carry a vibrant red to make a statement. Soft warm reds are uber chic and are here to stay. Pair with just about anything and you cannot go wrong.

  • Blush will stay. A dash of the watermelon colour tint will make you day feel warm in these cold months. A perfect girlie girl colour to have and pair it with bolder colour outfits.

  • Tans can never go out of fashion. It is the tricky soft hues of brown and beige that goes with most outfits in the colder part of the year. When stark whites are not the colour to go with, carry a shade of tan and pair it with a similar colour belt or a shoe to complete the look.

  • Prints are back. Animal prints such as leopard and snake ones are an absolute must haves. A perfect accessory to finish an all solid outfit look. 

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